Michael Ahearn

Produced in Ableton Suite 8

I was recently asked by Soler Eclipse to make a cover for an old NES game, called Palamedes 2, for his YouTube channel about GameGenie codes. His videos are really entertaining, so you should check them out!
Soler Eclipse’s YouTube - www.youtube.com/user/SolerEclipseOfficial

Although I’ve never played this game before, I fell in love with the song and immediately came up with ideas I could add to it to make it my own. I hope you enjoy my cover of Puzzle Mode from Palamedes 2!

Produced by Michael Ahearn in Ableton Suite 8
Mixed by Michael Ahearn in Logic Pro 9 with UAD-2 Plug-ins
Mastered by Michael Ahearn in WaveBurner with UAD-2 Plug-ins

This soundscape represents the Sci-Fi culture’s concept of outer space. I created the lead synth sounds with my microKorg synthesizer. Using onboard effects and filters, I was able to come up with a sound that portrays a space-like vibe.

Dawning Days.

Produced by Michael Ahearn in Ableton Suite 8 with Max for Live 
Mixed by Michael Ahearn in Logic Pro 9 with UAD-2 Plug-ins 
Mastered by Michael Ahearn in WaveBurner with UAD-2 Plug-ins

Every day is a new beginning.

With this song I literally did start from the ground up. I built my own software synth and effects by programming them with a program called MaxMSP. I then utilized the Max for Live plugin in order to get my devices integrated into Ableton Live.

My original intention was to create the synth and effects for a song that I was already working on, but once I actually finished making the synth I realized that it needed it’s own song. Therefore, this song was composed to the synth and effects I had created.

I performed it with all of my equipment in front of my Electroacoustic Composition class at Syracuse University as a final project. This was the first time I had ever performed any of my pieces in front of a live audience and it inspired me to continue learning how to perform each song that I compose and to do it with my own style!

Produced by Michael Ahearn in MaxMSP and Ableton Suite 8 

I have been working with MaxMSP (http://cycling74.com/products/max/) a bit since the beginning of this summer, but a lot more so lately. This is the most recent assignment that I made for my Electroacoustic Composition class at Syracuse University. I ended up taking the project a little further than I had to and I like the outcome of that.

I made 7 samples in Ableton Live that could either be played together in a dry, non-effected manner, or play them through a whole bunch of automated effects at different times in the patch.

In this sound file I play the first 16 seconds of the 7-track loop and then fade it into the effected version that the patch played on its own.

I worked about a total of 11 hours on this patch.

Check out the album I made that shows the entire patch: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.514255958602392.126861.293644730663517&type=3

This is the first Chiptune song ever produced by Soler Eclipse. I took the time to mix it and master it for him. Check out his other songs too!

Produced by Soler Eclipse with a Pocket Music cartridge on the Game Boy Color 
Mixed by Michael Ahearn in Logic Pro 9 with UAD-2 plugins 
Mastered by Michael Ahearn in WaveBurner with UAD-2 plugins

When I started my research to figure out what kind of project I wanted to work on all semester long, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I went into my class originally wanting to work on an Electro House song, but that idea disappeared pretty quickly.

The research process went on for a couple weeks.  I originally started researching Electronic and House music, mainly Porter Robinson.  I liked how filters and effects were used to keep melodies interesting and how the drums could effect the songs mood.  I then started researching orchestral music and electronic music for video games, like Final Fantasy XIII and Portal 2, to see if I could combine elements of orchestral and electronic together.  I really admire how orchestral music has a way of portraying emotions and the different textures of electronic music; to me, blending the genres together is so amazing!

After most of the research to figure out what kind of project I wanted to attempt was complete I started coming up with an idea for a potential song.  I started off with using a sampled violin, viola, cello, bass, glockenspiel and drums to make a pattern.  After a week I added a synthesizer to the pattern.  I then set out to work the next few weeks on finding certain parameters to manipulate, throughout the piece, within the instruments and effects.  It took a lot of experimenting and figuring out what every parameter of the instruments and effects do, but I eventually found a few main parameters that I wanted to manipulate to texture the piece.

During the second half of the semester I began to brainstorm a possible story to go along with the piece.  While doing that I started improvising melodies on my piano that I could possibly use to go along with the piece.  I then spoke to a good friend about possible directions for a story and we came up with a basic idea.  Afterwards I began to develop the story on my own.  My story takes place in a video game type world.  The setting is a futuristic time period in a barren environment with a dark reddish sky.  The viewer would be shown around the environment, seeing debris and destroyed robotic mechs of a recent war.  They would eventually reach a pile of rubble where a hero emerges and rises from the ashes.  A montage then occurs of the hero roaming the lands to find the one behind the destruction of his people.  After long he finds a person from his civilization, a friend who he had presumed to be dead.  They have a discussion that heats up as he learns that this man is a traitor, he is the one who orchestrated the war against his people.  The two begin to fight and the camera fades to black to represent the end of the scene.  This is the story that I used to compose my piece.

I then spent the rest of the semester working on the composition of the piece.  I finally came up with a second melody that became one of the main themes of the piece.  Another week passed as I worked on an intro for the piece.  Using the story I had made for the piece gave me a clear direction and form for the piece.  That being said, it was still tough to create melodies that would set the correct tone as the story progressed.  Having all the textures that I made in the first half of the semester gave me a lot to work with when creating themes and transitions.  As the semester was getting close to an end I continued working to make the themes of the last two scenes and I then had a complete piece.  All that was left was to tighten up the textures and the tones of each separate instrument.

In the end, I was more than satisfied with the final product of the piece.  I had no idea that it would turn out the way it did.  Going into the class thinking that I’m going to work on a House song and ending it with a video game theme/soundtrack song made me much more happy.  I experimented a ton while working the whole semester on this piece; I had never done anything like this before.  All in all I learned more than I could have ever imagined!  I’m definitely looking forward to putting my newfound skills and knowledge to use in future projects.

The only thing left that I want to do with this project is a mixdown for the piece, in order to make it sound professional and complete.  For now I will be posting an unmixed version of the piece.

This is my first soundscape piece.

The concept of this piece is short and sweet. The story takes place in a future time period. The character in this story walks through an inactive quarry, hearing the ghosts of the quarry’s past. I wanted to make the audience experience the character’s journey, through sound, while bringing out the creepy side of the quarry.

Ghosts of a Quarry was created with samples I recorded myself from the Jamesville Quarry.

Here’s the recently remastered version of my song, Desolate Path (Version 2)!

Song made by me in FL Studio 10

Mixed by me in Logic Pro 9

Mastered by Razik Mastering: (http://soundcloud.com/razikmastering)

Here is the recently remastered version of my newest song, Sunset Tundra.  I also just reached over 1500 plays on Soundcloud today!

This is the first song I’ve finished in Abelton Live since I started using it about two months ago. Check it out!